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Family Dental Hygiene

Gentle dental care and maintenance for the whole family, with treatments based on your needs. We offer more affordable rates, and an increase in preventive measures not offered at many other dental offices.

New Client Exam

During your first visit we explore your dental past and determine your future dental needs. Are you at risk for cavities? Peridontal disease and tooth loss? With a thorough assessment and knowing what tools or products best suit your needs, we can get you on a new path to healthy teeth for life.

Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are the most thorough way to remove the deposits of plaque and calculus that accumulate on teeth over time. I pride myself on the compliments I recieve about my gentle yet thorough technique. With correct planning, we can reduce the amount of deposits that reform, allowing you to extend the time in between your dental care visits. 

Polish and Stain Removal

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The Nervous Dental Client

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Periodontal Care

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Teeth Whitening

One has a choice of many different was to achieve a whiter smile and remove years of set-in stains. What option is best for you? Come in for a free consultation and see how you can get the whiter, brighter, smile you deserve. It's easy!

ZOOM In-Office Whitening

ZOOM is known as the best in-office whitening system available. In one appointment, get up to 8 shades difference! The ZOOM light and peroxide system remove years of stains, while you let us take care of the details.

Pro-Synergix Home Whitening Kit

A less expensive treatment but with the same great results! Start 

with an appointment to make custom whitening trays and in 1 to 2 weeks (depending on degree of stain), you can achieve the white smile you have always wanted. Kit contains enough solution to 

touch-up new stains over time.

OraWellness Shine Tooth Powder

Using a blend of adsorbing minerals, and effective essential oils, Shine tooth powder can remove stains while killing mouth germs and increasing gum health. Used in place of, or along with your regular toothpaste, Shine is gentle enough to remove stains without the use of peroxide, while its Himalayan salts and essential oils treat gingivitis and kill cavity bacteria.

Additional Therapies

Or add mouthguards to family care then add two full boxes - one for smiles by design and one for Oromyofacial - consider adding these services on home page.

Smiles by Design

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Oromyofacial Therapy

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Mouth Guards

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Mouth Guards

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Grinding Appliances

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Snoring Sleep Apnea

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