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Family Dental Hygiene

Gentle dental care and maintenance for the whole family, with treatments and advice based on your needs. With a preventive approach you can enjoy less cavities, control over gum disease and fewer future dental appointments. 


New Client Exam

During your first visit we explore your dental past and determine future dental needs. Are you at risk for cavities? Periodontal disease and tooth loss? With a thorough assessment, and knowing what tools or products best suit your needs, we can get control of your oral health, even improve risks to overall health, and set you on a new path to healthy teeth for life.


Dental Cleaning

Dental scaling is the most thorough way to remove the deposits of plaque and calculus that accumulate on teeth over time.  With correct planning, and gentle yet thorough techniques, we can reduce the amount of deposits that reform, allowing you to extend the time in between your dental care visits. 

Polish and Stain Removal

Surface stains are removed with the use of a rotary tool much like an electric brush. Surface stains are usually caused by food, drink, or plaque and calculus. When not removed regularly the stain starts to accumulate in the enamel surface, and may require teeth whitening.

Periodontal Care

Deep pockets? Ongoing bleeding spots? Gum recession? Periodontal therapy will help you take control and avoid tooth loss and ongoing infection. If 3 or 4 month visits for teeth cleaning aren't working for you, please call for a free consultation. We can create a plan to improve your dental health while reducing appointment costs, and offering one on one coaching to ensure you are using the best techniques and products where you need to. 


Do you or your child seem to have a new cavity to be filled or 'watched' every few years? Why do some people get cavities and others do not? The foods you eat and toothpaste you use are only part of the equation. 

With a:

  - thorough assessment of your risk factors, 

  - using early treatment for soft spots found using 'Diagnodent' light laser, 

  - learning to brush and floss the right way for you, and

  - using products focused on both hardening your teeth and eliminating cavity bacteria, 

   you will get to enjoy hearing the words 'No cavities!', much more often!

Dental Fear and Anxiety

If having professional dental care or being in a dental office creates uneasy or anxious feelings, or you are avoiding dental treatment for these reasons, you are not alone. I have helped many adults and children cope with their fears by offering shorter appointments, explanations about care, less invasive options for treatment of cavities, and understanding and acting on what each persons unique concerns are. We work together to ultimately help you take control of your mouth, and reduce the number of times you need to see a dentist!

Teeth Whitening

A choice of many different ways to achieve a whiter smile and remove years of set-in stains. What option is best for you? Come in for a free consultation and see how you can get the whiter, brighter, smile you deserve. It's easy!

ZOOM In-Office Whitening

ZOOM is known as the best in-office whitening system available. In one appointment, get up to 8 shades difference! The ZOOM light and peroxide system remove years of stains, while you let us take care of the details.

Pro-Synergix Home Whitening Kit

A less expensive treatment but with the same great results! Start 

with an appointment to make custom whitening trays and in 1 to 2 weeks (depending on degree of stain), you can achieve the white smile you have always wanted. Kit contains enough solution to 

touch-up new stains over time.

OraWellness Shine Tooth Powder

Using a blend of adsorbing minerals, and effective essential oils, Shine tooth powder can remove stains while killing mouth germs and increasing gum health. Used in place of, or along with your regular toothpaste, Shine is gentle enough to remove stains without the use of peroxide, while its Himalayan salts and essential oils treat gingivitis and kill cavity bacteria.

Long-Term Prevention

We carry several products that can be applied in-office to help control disease, heal gums, and protect teeth. These could be recommended if there are areas that are not responding to treatment, and are not usually offered in other offices unless there is a complete plan to control disease.

Getting to the Source of the Problem

We can only find solutions to a problem when we know what that problem really is! An assessment of risk factors, and past dental treatments, can help us determine what combination of factors are adding up. Something like constant acidic drinks like lemon water and coffee throughout the day, can point to an increased risk of cavities and sensitivity. Dry mouth could lead to these same problems. One who flosses daily but still has ongoing bleeding may just need a bit of help with technique. If you are having ongoing problems, we have the solutions.

Dental Essential Oils

Often used to sooth inflammation and sore gums, and to help dry mouth, essential oil blends, often including mint, citrus, cinnamon, and clove. Can be applied in-office after your appointment, or purchased for home use as toothpastes, tooth powders, gum sore treatments, and mouthwashes. We carry DoTerra, OraWellness, and Mintier.

Xylitol and Hydroxyapetite

Ingredients found mainly in products for home use. When used over time, plaque and cavity bacteria will eat the natural sugar xylitol and reduce their amounts. Hydroxyapatite is a building block of enamel and works to seal of sensitive areas, as well as areas where cavities are starting. Yes - cavities (when small), can be stopped and reversed! 


Sealants are often used on the molars to seal the deep grooves between the 'bumps', as these are often the first areas people get cavities. These deep grooves can hold on to stain and bacteria where a toothbrush cannot reach. we carefully clean these grooves and run a thin liquid along the groove to seal it away from cavity bacteria. We recommend these for children, and adults.

In-office varnishes

For a strong preventive applied in office, we carry both antibacterial chlorohexidine and Fluoride. These varnishes can be applied once for long-lasting effective treatment of decay, to reduce the risk of new decay, to reduce or prevent plaque and calculus accumulating at the gumline, ensuring less inflammation and bleeding over time. Often within a few treatments, areas that seemed destined to always be a "problem area' can heal. A varnish is often recommended at the neck of porcelain crowns as these are often high risk for decay and breakage.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Used when decay has started, we don't just watch a small cavity, we intervene! Nervous about freezing, fillings, drilling? Silver diamine can do the trick. This amazing new product is great for kids, adults who can't endure longer appointments, or around crowns and fillings that are being 'watched' because they are at risk. Silver diamine is an antimicrobial liquid that follows the trail of decay, kills the bacteria here, dissolves decayed enamel, and leaves a hard surface - doing the job of the dentists drill slowly over a few weeks, or stopping decay before it requires a filling at all.

Temporary and Interim Fillings

When areas of decay are small, have been treated with silver diamine, or a chip has occured, Dental Hygienists are qualified to place temporary (6 months), and interim (5-8 years) fillings. There is no freezing because there is no drilling required! 

Mouth Guards

A variety of colours available for all ages, custom formed Pro-form mouth guards are comfortable, hold well, and protect teeth better than generic shaped trays and boil and bite styles. A mouth guard is also an important part of your concussion prevention plan. They cushion blows to the mouth and face, prevent tooth on tooth damage, and support the jaw joint during clenching with high power sports.

Pro-Form Custom Molded Mouth Guards

 - bold 2 colour styles to match team colours.

 - Canada flag - a red maple leaf on white center with       red on each side

 - glitter in base pink or blue makes a statement.

 - tie-dye available in pinks, army colours,                      red/white/blue, and many other combinations for a       wild look.


More questions about Preventive Dental Hygiene Care? 

Call Today! 

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