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W E L C O M E  T O

Preventive Dental Hygiene Care


My mission is to provide thorough and gentle 

PREVENTIVE Dental Hygiene Care, while facilitating clients understanding of the processes of oral disease, its impacts on well-being, and achieving long-term oral health.

My vision for the future of dentistry is one in which dental disease and pain are rare, and the public understands how diet, general wellness, and targeted effective dental products, can be implemented to PREVENT dental problems, rather than waiting for them to arise. 

Amy Dion, BSc., RDH

I have been a Dental Hygienist since 2002 and have experience in many practice types, including cosmetic, general, and special needs like geriatric, cancer care and dental anxiety. With a Bachelor of Science from McMaster (2000) I am very interested in the science of teeth and oral health. I began to see that there are many ways that cavities and periodontal disease can be controlled, but in the traditional dental office, I needed more time with my clients to understand their needs, choices and lifestyle, to offer the services that can best help them. 


Your Smile Is My Passion

Being independent of a dental office has allowed me to offer a well-rounded, preventive approach to dental care and I have helped hundreds of clients gain control over ongoing dental problems, and achieve long-term wellness. I began working as an Independent Dental Hygienist in 2008, opened my first office in Stoney Creek in 2010, and in 2017 opened a second location in Smithville where I also offer evening, and weekend appointments. From 2009-2017 I was a clinical instructor in Dental Hygiene at Southern Ontario Dental College (formerly ODEI) in Ancaster, educating students in the hands-on practice of Dental Hygiene . I am a member in good standing with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario, the Ontario Dental Hygiene Association, and the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association.

Smithville - 228 West Street 

Located on the main road into Smithville, Highway 20, with parking available. 

This location offers a single treatment area, music playing of your choice, a window for an open feel, and a quiet, comfortable atmosphere without the hustle and bustle of the usual dental office. Time is scheduled to be sure your concerns are met at every appointment.

Stoney Creek - 8 King Street East

This Preventive Dental Hygiene Care location is found inside Village Green Denture Clinic in the heart of Stoney Creek. Parking is located on King Street or in the free municipal parking lot behind the office.

Many enjoy the complete care they can receive at this location for Dental Hygiene Care, implant care, and denture care combined, and families and clients of all ages are welcome. Staff is available daily to answer your questions, and book appointments.

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