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Stop cavities and gum disease for good.

Experience the difference the science of 

PREVENTION in dental care can make. 


Family Dental Hygiene

All ages, all comfort levels, independent dental hygiene care is for everyone! Using the most beneficial products and interventions available, together we can assess, plan, and change your dental future into one of comfort, less expense, and maintenance of your natural teeth for life. Fluoride-free, and intensive care products available for purchase.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, staining from foods, drinks, or smoking can add up to dull or yellowy teeth. Whether you are looking for a touch-up or a drastic change, we can safely, make your smile brighter. When you feel free to share your smile, others will share their smile with you! In-office and home kits available.

Oromyofacial Therapy

An adjunct to orthodontics and speech therapy for lasting results. When the tongue and teeth are in poor position, breathing, sleep, and facial structure can be affected, and efforts to correct teeth with braces are not lasting. Training the tongue and mouth muscles with exercises can correct poor mouth posture and improve speech, sleep, jaw contour, and alertness, for better overall health.

Smiles by Design - 

Clear Aligners

Your safe source for clear aligners. An effective alternative to braces and wires, clear aligners are supplied in a number of sets to be worn over time. Wear a new set every few weeks to slowly move teeth into a pleasing and functional position. No monthly orthodontist visits to change wires save you time and money, and aligners are half the price of traditional braces!

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Your comfort and health are our first priority. 

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Healthy Smile, Healthy Life

A healthy mouth and teeth are a sign of overall wellness, and research shows that poor oral health is linked to poor general health. Accumulation of deposits like plaque bacteria and food trigger the body to fight off disease with inflammation. Knowing the most effective products and treatments to fit your unique needs, 

you can defend teeth, control bacteria, and lower inflammation, 

leaving cavities and gum disease in the past, 

and improving your overall health.

Preventive Dental Hygiene Care is for everyone.

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Amy L. Dion, BSc, RDH

Independent Registered Dental Hygienist

With nearly 20 years of dental experience and over 10 years working independently, Amy uses an understanding of your unique dental care needs and wishes, to help you achieve control over gum inflammation, recession, sensitive teeth, new cavities, and rising dental costs. She is interested in the science behind preventive dental care products like varnishes, mouthwashes, toothpastes, and dry mouth solutions, and how they offer strong protection against ongoing 

teeth and mouth problems.

With Preventive Dental Hygiene Care,

you CAN have healthy teeth and gums for life.

Two Locations to Meet Your Needs - from Hamilton to Niagara

228 West Street (Hwy20), Smithville

15 minutes from Rymal and Upper Centennial, 

or 10 minutes south of Grimsby.

8 King Street East, Stoney Creek 

At the intersection of King and Lake, 

in the heart of 'Olde Stoney Creek