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Experience the difference the science of PREVENTION IN DENTAL CARE

can make. 

Family Dental Hygiene

For all ages, all mouths, all comfort levels, independent dental hygiene care is for everyone! At Preventive Dental Hygiene Care the focus is on using the most beneficial products and interventions available to meet your needs. Together we can assess, plan, and change your dental future into one of comfort, less expense, and maintenance of your natural teeth for life. Fluoride-free, herbal, and cavity or periodontal-targeted products are available for purchase.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Over time, staining from foods, drinks, or smoking can add up to dull or yellowy coloured teeth, and darker stains between. Whether you are looking for a touch-up or a drastic change, we can safely make your smile brighter. This is not your salon teeth whitening - Be prepared for the visible and lasting results of Philips ZOOM in-office whitening! When you feel free to share your smile, others will share their smile with you! In-office and home kits available.

Long-Term Prevention

We take the time to assess your risks and really understand the source of dental problems. All the way up to lab testing of your saliva and prescriptions to fight certain bacteria, we are here to help you with solutions. With the right products and techniques, in-office and at home, start feeling good about your breath, your oral health, and even your overall health!

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Now Accepting New Clients

Your comfort and health are our first priority. 

See the Covid-19 page to learn about new protocols to ensure safety and distancing.


In addition to the usual dental hygiene appointment including teeth cleaning and polishing, some time is used to explore your risks for new dental problems. This takes into account what you are able to do to care of your teeth, but also your overall well-being and how that may be contributing to oral health even more. If you have chronic health issues, your oral health may be affecting you!


- preventive products from OraWellness, DoTerra, Curaprox, Cocofloss, Mintier, and Oral Science.

- use of Diagnodent laser to detect cavities and soft spots.

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Two Locations to Meet Your Needs - from Hamilton to Niagara

228 West Street (Hwy20), Smithville

15 minutes from Rymal and Upper Centennial, 

or 10 minutes south of Grimsby.

8 King Street East, Stoney Creek 

At the intersection of King and Lake, 

in the heart of 'Olde Stoney Creek'. 

Call 905-664-9443 to reach Sandra or Krista,

for your appointment or free consultation. 

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