Preventive Dental Hygiene Care

 Amy Dion, B.Sc., RDH 


As an Independent provider of Dental Hygiene care, I strive towards excellence in dental hygiene techniques, knowledge, effective products and services, to meet your dental needs. 


Just a cleaning...

Well, okay. But it's never JUST a cleaning! 

Come in for a free consultation and see how Preventive Dental Hygiene Care can help you achieve optimal oral health, and have positive effects on your overall health and well-being. 

Preventing Cavities

I'll admit it, I LOVE my coffee and pop, but I've never had a cavity! Let me help you defend your teeth against decay by understanding your unique lifestyle and goals for dental health. Natural product alternatives available.


Escape the smells and sounds of the dental office and enjoy a relaxed approach to dental care. I will take the time to help you with your needs and concerns, and provide gentle dental care and instruction without fear or judgement. I'm here to help!